In conjunction with Temple of the Black Sun (Russia) and with the cooperation of ABG Lodge (Balkans) we are pleased to announce the publication of KISS OF MORENA in full and translated into the English language, forthcoming from Martinet Press later in 2015. “Kiss of Morena” has proved very influential and with much appreciation within a wide cross-section of subversive elements in the Russian Federation and elsewhere in Eastern Europe – now this important work will be available, in print, for those within the English speaking world. Praise to War and Death!

Excerpt: Raven was lying staring at the ceiling, trying not to think about anything, but this horrible nightmare again and again was popping up in front of his eyes. Viscous darkness, unbearable cosmic cold, and that terrifying creature in a black shroud, from which he could not escape. This nightmare haunted him since childhood, always the same … All seemed dissolving in the darkness, and the cold wind brought the news of the uninvited guest, a viscous darkness flooded all around, and from that darkness She came out… He tried to scream, but he couldn’t heard himself, his voice just disappeared, he tried to run, but his legs were turning into cotton, and every step was incredible difficulty to him, as moving through the mire, the horror paralyzed his body and did not allow him to breathe, or to think, and she just was following him – not trying to catch up with him, but also not allowing the escape. When strength left him, and he was ready to give up – a dream dissipated, and he woke up. Recently, this creature was his obsessive nightmare, Raven was seeing her more often, and that bothered him greatly.

On Morena, goddess within the Ancient Slavic Pantheon: 

Morena is a goddess of Ancient Slavic Pantheon. Among different Slavic nations it was called and known by different variations of this name. Among Polish tribes she was known as Marzena, Among our corpus of South-Eastern Slavs it was known as Morana. From this root came Serbian words like ‘mora’ which means ‘nightmare’ ‘pestilence’, or ‘moriti’ which means ‘to rack’ ‘to torture’ ‘to give a pain and misfortune’  . She is associated with Winter and some variations of her name, like Marzena, can have some connections with word ‘mraz’ which means ‘frost’ . She was a goddess of Death and was important part of seasonal rites of death and rebirth in Nature, practiced by ancient Slavs. She was also a goddess of sorcery, but ultimately elusive and ‘shape-shifting’ like many ancient Slavic gods. None of them ever had some same and specific cosmic function and role. They always evolved or changed according to specific need of time or circumstances, and most of the Slavic gods were the gods of War, no matter which Cosmic role they had in myth and legend. That is something unique to the Slavic pantheon and it reminds us of some historic reports about ancient Slavs in which they are described as fearsome and dreadful People, because when they were going into the war campaigns, or were defending themselves – women, children and old ones were fighting along side with the soldiers with no fear and with no mercy. Recent history and wars passed showed how Slavic people still operate in this way. (Link to the PDF of the Russian version as well as an excerpt in English available via the auspices of ABG Lodge here)


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