Trooper's Lament
Martinet Press has received as of late pertinent updates from the respective author in regard to their forthcoming working title captioned TROOPER’S LAMENT. In addition to TROOPER’S LAMENT proper, this volume will also feature a second sinister folktale or, better put, a second decidedly satanic narrative inspired by the author’s own experiences designed both as a provocation for the inspiration of and impetus for the aspirations of the readers toward enactment of real-world evil and all that such entails. Both of the aforementioned works will be profusely illustrated by a Czarina of the TOB and the volume will also contain several rituals of TOB design, hitherto internal, for the due edification and practice of the discerning reader as well as for all aspiring “blood beasts” of a proper fanatical bent. Publication presently scheduled for late Spring/early Summer 2015.

Excerpt 1 – TROOPER’S LAMENT: Excerpt: Richard exited his motel room and locked the door behind him. The hot sun burned his already sunburned skin from making the trip in the open sun. He was parched from the dry climate and made his way by foot to a nearby convenience store to pick up some refreshments. Rock Springs had an interesting history. It was home to the Rock Springs Massacre, a race riot between the miners of the town. Rock Springs is a multi-ethnic town due to the influx of immigrant workers used to build up the west in its heyday. He continued further into town to catch the sites and get noticed. As he walked up on a miner’s memorial he could hear several motorcycles making their way past him. He turned his head to stare at the bikers who all stared back at him through their sunglasses and bandanas covering their faces. One made the hand gesture of a pistol and pointed it at him. They continued down the road and disappeared. It could have been worse, as often times unfamiliar cuts were met with very brutal hostility. That little incident would either prove to be beneficial or have consequences for him. During his travels throughout the town he made note of all the bars that looked like they hosted bikers, he would make stops at these bars throughout the night to ascertain which MC’s were spending their time at each location.

Excerpt 2 – TROOPER’S LAMENT: They opened the doors and let them pass through the threshold before closing the doors behind them. There was low visibility in the inner sanctum of the hive. It smelled of various home brewed incenses and gratuitous amounts of blood. Most of the floors and walls were covered in dried blood. The Czarina of the hive emerged from the shadows with a male slave. He was on all fours and blinded by latex horse accoutrement. He had a gag in his mouth and occasionally made odd little noises, upon being patted on the head by the Czarina. More often than not her slaves were turned into practical zombies. If they managed to hold out till the end of her torture sessions they were opfered.

The Czarina greeted the Agents standing there. She was dressed to the neck in crimson colored latex, she had spiked high heel boots on and a black military style belt on with various hideous looking adornments. She had an under shave with blonde hair with black highlights which was parted. She looked much younger than her physical age due in part to the amount of blood she consumed. “Hello Agents,” she smirked.


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