A Collection of the Works of HH Rudra Dasa Goswami to be published through Martinet Press


An image of his namesake (Vritrasura) courtesy of His Grace Vritra Prabhu, disciple of His Holiness Rudra dasa Goswami, grand-disciple of His Divine Grace Sankarsana dasa Thakura; an anthology of the latters work, as well as contributions by various sundry disciples and well-wishers of HH Rudra dasa Goswami and acarya, including philosophical treatises and reminisces of the same, which will be published soon via the auspices of Martinet Press. In the interim, we would encourage interested parties to peruse the website of HH Rudra dasa Goswami and his disciples, “Purushamedha” (literally translated, “human sacrifice”, from the Sanskrit), select contents of which will be inclusive in the forthcoming print anthology.https://purushamedha.wordpress.com/


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