The Foreword from ‡ ECCLESIA MYSTERIA ‡ – now available from Martinet Press

“Ecclesia Mysteria” is intended to lay the foundation for a new spiritual community or congregation, which our tradition calls the Ecclesia. The Ecclesia can best be described as a contemporary spiritual congregation that remains faithful to the original Gnostic tradition of the Classical Sethian movement. Gnosticism is path of spiritual practice, rather than spiritual dogma. Adherents (called Credentes) choose to embrace Gnosticism because they want to experience revelation, rather than to blindly believe. Like many of the world’s great mystery traditions, Gnosticism holds that we live in spiritually vibrant cosmos, which is inherently good and magical, though not entirely safe or without danger. The Ecclesia is a guide or path which leads its travelers on a journey of revelation. It is genuinely amoral in that we do not concern ourselves with moral codes or concepts, which change from decade to decade, but rather we focus on eternal things which cannot and do not change. These are the only things that really matter, and that should matter.

This book is intended to fulfill three purposes:

1. It offers a Gnostic mythos that is both traditional and progressive. That is to say, it makes use of existing classical gnostic texts as a foundation, but provides a new reading of those classical texts which is truer to the original antinomian spirit of those works.

2. It offers the reader a series of solo practices that can be put into practice immediately. These are (by design) familiar to anyone from a Catholic or liturgical background, but with an interpretation that is genuinely Gnostic and Logos-centered in orientation.

3. It will provide steps for those who wish to go beyond and join an actual community of Gnostics.

This book has been written for people curious about Gnosticism, for those currently practicing some Gnostic tradition, and also for those Credentes who already belong to the Ecclesia and who would like to have a single volume with codifies our primary practices. Whatever your reason for reading this book, I would like to offer you my hopes and prayers that you find something of benefit in this text.

May the grace and power of our Lord be with you always.

Your servant,



A sample from ‡ ECCLESIA MYSTERIA ‡  now available on MediaFire


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