“Our own universe dissolved into insignificance, breaking down into its subtle parts. Beyond this world, he saw a vision of two paths. One path was bright, leading to a white tree in the middle of a great city of shining gold. The other path was dark, and it lead to a black tree in the middle of a great black city. At the intersection of the two paths was a towering figure, wreathed in flames. Intuitively, Azzeddine understood that this was the evil spirit which possessed him. Then the entity spoke to him in a clear voice for the first time, and told Azzeddine that he had been chosen, chosen to reveal a great teaching that would impact many lives. It revealed itself to him as Azazel. This was unnerving for the young engineer, as Azazel is the true name of the devil in Islamic tradition. The spirit told him that he must choose between two paths: one leading to the Light, and the other to the Darkness. It spoke blasphemous words of an ancient war before time, a struggle between the primordial darkness and usurping light, of stolen origins and humanity cheated and trapped even before its creation. The spirit cursed Allah and His angels, and promised a terrible vengenance against the prophets who had denied the truth, leading their people instead into spiritual slavery to a god who hates them. And it spoke of a coming savior, the Dajjal, who would cleanse the earth of Islam and other false religions, and return humanity to the worship of Dark One. Azzeddine was meant to prepare the way, as a crier in the desert. He would return to Algeria and begin to teach others the truth. But he must choose the the black path, and forever forsake any hope of Ferdous (Paradise). He would go down to the Black City and eat of the forbidden Zaqqum tree. But first, he must put his trust in Azazel, and then he would be shown things that were known to only saints.”

Advance 26 page preview of the forthcoming Martinet Press title The Black Path in PDF: black_path_foreword


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