In 2013, the Vaisnava saint Sankarsana das Thakura went into samadhi. Known as both a recluse and a genuine mahasiddhi, his gurukula remained small.

In PURUSHAMEDHA, his close disciples present a collection of teachings from his master, together with contributions from other members of the sampradaya.

Transgressive and transforming, the teachings of Sri Sankarsana are of great value for all Vaisnava today.

Available now through Amazon and special order through your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Purushamedha (Amazon purchase link)

“Most modern spiritual leaders are frauds – and with increased media and internet, we’re aware of their many, many failings. So if you worship your guru, and your guru is a fraud, this book will offend you. But sometimes offence is good. We are too sanitized, too protected, too afraid to ruffle feathers. Sankarsana used to say: see Krsna, what a little rascal! What does he do? He steals food. He kills his uncle Kamsa. He fucks pretty girls. He even fucks the pretty married girls – eh, Radha? Is Krsna worried about offending you? No, so I won’t be afraid to offend you either! Krsna is a fiend. And we need to be fiends, just like him.” – Purushamedha


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