KISS OF MARENA has proved very influential among a wide cross-section of subversive elements both in the Russian Federation and elsewhere in Eastern Europe for several years. Now for the first time this important work is available translated in full from the Russian language original and made available in print for those within the English speaking world.

Marena is a goddess of the ancient Slavic pantheon known among the south-eastern Slavs as Morana. From this root came Serbian words like ‘mora’ which means ‘nightmare’, ‘pestilence’, or ‘moriti’ which means ‘to rack’, ‘to torture’, ‘to give a pain and misfortune’. She is associated with winter season and some variations of her name, like Marzena, indicate the root term ‘mraz’ indicating ‘frost’, in keeping with her link to the dark, wintry part of the seasonal cycle.

A goddess of death, long propitiated by the Slavs who have been described as a ‘fearsome and Dreadful people’ since antiquity, KISS OF MARENA invites you the reader to experience in narrative form her path, her nature – to take a glimpse at her devotees who still propitiate her in the lands where she has been revered for millenia.

Available now through Amazon and special order through your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Kiss of Marena (Amazon purchase link)


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