From the blood-stained moors of West Yorkshire, England, comes a genuinely amoral vampiric praxis melding the black arts of predatory astral vampirism with the harsh ordeal-based approach of the Sinister Seven-Fold Way.

In Codex Aristarchus, A.A. Morain presents the definitive collective works of the Drakon Covenant, including vampiric theory, rites and methods by which the reader themselves can step upon the black path of the Wamphyri – feeding upon the human herd and taking the trecherous road to confrontation with the bleak Ascended Masters, the Undead.

Unlike the many books penned by arm-chair occultists presently flooding the market, Codex Aristarchus bears the distinction of authorship by one actually treading evil ground with documented criminal and ultra-right political bona fides.

With a foreword by Czar Azag-kala, Tempel ov Blood.

Coming this Spring from Martinet Press.


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