“Britta saw the images of her sister from the day of wrath – tall sinewy body bearing only the slightest signs of womanhood sheathed within an immaculate white now stained with splatters of blood – yellow poisonous mists rising around her, eyes concealed behind platinum mirror reflecting exploding ordnance and life-draining chemical smoke. Harsh orders spoken in amplified, robotic cadence issuing forth from helmeted head – urging, cajoling, directing her troops toward further and ever-horrific acts of genocidal abandon.”

A thirteen year-old girl in a futuristic setting after a year of rigorous cult programming and systematic abuse at the hands of a brutal paramilitary organization finds herself installed as a deity representing the embodiment of chemical and radiological warfare in a disease-ridden DMZ-type border area between the paramilitary organization with whom she enlisted and the gateway to areas of unknown nuclear-war devastated territories from which she came.

BLUEBIRD – forthcoming from Martinet Press in 2016. The second installment of the post-apocalyptic trilogy authored by the Tempel ov Blood that began with IRON GATES.


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