31yl1ZgVoiLCHORONZON is the official journal of Martinet Press, and a vehicle of sinister art, prose, and devotional texts. Volume 2 includes art by Crude Azathoth, Coatlicue, Erica Frevel, Joel Hrafnsson, Laurent Braun, Sergey Kramer, Sarah Wreck, and VLF Laboratories. Written works by Aubrey W. Basnight, Asha’Shedim, A.A. Morain, AShTarot Cognatus, Danilo Coppini, Matthew Wightman, Orlog Volksgeist, Raze Books, Shadow, Somnus Dreadwood, The Black Devils, and Ying Chao.

Choronzon II (Amazon purchase link)


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