The Abyss is one of the few constants in mythologies of the world’s cultures: a grinding, seething mass of alien darkness. Neither dead nor alive, It predates the separation of existence from nihility. Many schools of magic have considered its role cosmos as a malignant force, which must be transcended in order to achieve mastery. They are, of course, entirely wrong. The Abyss is an insidious and aggressive continuum which seeks the utter dissolution and re-integration of all cosmic life and matter.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is a profane grimoire that focuses on exclusively on the Abyss, combining art, reflection, theory, and magickal practices. This is the first of several volumes to be released by the Ministry of the Abyss, an artistic and esoteric collective dedicated to the spread and supremacy of spiritual darkness. THE DEPLORABLE WORD includes original color works by artist Erica Frevel, intended to be cut out and used as devotional iconography or altar pieces.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is itself intended to be used as a talismanic volume, connecting the Satanist to the emanations of the Abyss itself. This grimoire is not intended to empower the user – rather, it is intended to unleash something insidious and hateful that will inhabit the user and evolve them into something other than human.

The Deplorable World (Amazon purchase link)


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