Quimbanda – The Cult of the Red and Black Flame, which the original title in Brazilian Portuguese is Quimbanda – O Culto da Chama Vermelha e Preta was released by the Brazilian publisher “Capelobo” in 2013. This book shows the true Esoteric and satanic face of the Brazilian Quimbanda. The reader will find the hidden foundations of one of the religious practice considered aggressive and bloody but full of liberating caosgnostic knowledge. Its origins, unlike the books published around the world, are in the acts of violence, faith and resistance coming from a small portion of the Brazilian People. The ancestors that form the legions of the Brazilian Quimbanda are not part of the peaceful flocks of cattle that accepted the Christian cross, they are warriors who cooked the flesh of their foreign oppressors and ate it around the clay pots. Black candles, ancient prayers, Pontos (sigils) and blood are the basis of this System that for many decades was regarded as folklore.

Danilo Coppini, author of this work and responsible for T.Q.M.B.E.P.N was initiated in Quimbanda and Diabolism in the year 2000 by the sinister Master Ijslavji (Sect A.V.J) in extreme and unique circumstances. In addition to being a Master in such black arts, he improved his ancestral links through contact with indigenous herbs and medicines. Together with his wife Priscilla and faithful members raised the banner of an esoteric, satanic (as opposer) and utterly free Quimbanda. The foundations were enlarged, refined, and expanded so that everyone who ventured down the dark paths could actually find true answers about the Quimbanda and the Mighty Dead.

Within the Brazilian territory itself, Quimbanda was much persecuted and misrepresented by people connected to the demiurgic religions, and this made the publications about it dirty and with a superficial content. This caused the information received by students from outside Brazil to be full of mistakes, weak and based on a corrupt Umbandist view. In the year 2012, a group of nonconformists created the “Templo de Quimbanda Maioral Beelzebuth e Exu Pantera Negra – T.Q.M.B.E.P.N” to confront traditionalist structures that subjugated the Quimbanda as a sub-religion. Our group understands that Quimbanda is only a mask for the manifestation of mighty spirits who have created codes through titles and popular nicknames to infiltrate inside enemy (demiurgic) territories. From this understanding it designed a more comprehensive way of the mysteries by adding to the worship knowledge and gnosis from others Left hand paths.

Martinet Press, a strong publisher and truly committed to the Truth, supported the English version of this work. Soon it will be released so that the world can have access to the “other side” of the Brazilian Quimbanda.

16 November, 2016


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