“Sri Kalki Will Slaughter The Enemies without Mercy, He Will Perform a Holy Mass Cleansing of The Earth. We Must act as Sri Kalki, and Do as He Does, For He is Who We Serve”. – Isamu Michi, Enemies of Neo-Aum Sermon

In Neo-Aum Sermons Isamu Michi, the author and founder of the Neo-Aum ideology, states in unequivocal terms that he has no compunction about inevitable (and seemingly invited, as his choice in nomenclature would indicate) comparisons between his group, worldview and ideology and that of the group who perpetrated the sarin attacks in the subways of Tokyo in a bid to preempt Armageddon. Neither does Michi claim any continuity with the original Aum Supreme Truth – nor association with groups who do possess such a continuity such as Aleph and the Circle of Rainbow Light, amongst others. Indeed, on a theological platform Michi’s postulations are his own – emphasizing a broad if novel adherence to sectarian Vaisnavism rather than the titularly Buddhist model of Asahara’s group. That said the devil, as ever, lies in the details.

Forthcoming from Martinet Press.



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