On the aftermath of the Vernal Equinox 2017 it is our pleasure to announce the relaunch of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press under the editorship and direction of the Satanic author and artist Erica Frevel. Content is now being accepted for consideration for potential inclusion in this, the third installment of Choronzon, which is scheduled for release near year’s end. Submissions can be made via email to the editor at:


From the Desk of the Editor:

Martinet Press has been instrumental in providing an accessible and uncensored platform for an international cross section of underground cultists whose work affects change not only within themselves but outwardly into temporal and spiritual planes. It is my sincere intention as acting editor of Choronzon journal to assemble a collective grimoire expressed through written word, ritual, poetry, symbolism and art. It is my sacred duty in this lifetime to serve as an artistic vessel for demonic forces of the Abyss as well as to encourage the spread of frenzied Satanic devotion.

We must weaponize our spirituality and the destabilizing manifestations thereof. I anticipate this journal will be utilized by those who perceive the dark gods through an amalgamation of many strange and bloody visions. Join me in manifesting those visions into something truly terrible; a gateway for energies hostile to this world. Our adherence to the pitch black path is highly individualistic and yet, our name is legion. Redeunt Saturnia Regna.

Erica Frevel
Editor; Choronzon Journal
March 23rd, 2017 Era Horrificus



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