Choronzon is the official Journal of Martinet Press, now in its third installment and under the editorship of Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel. Featuring an interview with the Russian Satanic artist Fosco Culto, narrative by Tempel ov Blood and Aubrey Wood Basnight, articles from Danilo Coppini (L.T.J. 49), Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, Frater Teriminus, and Erica Frevel. Verse by Vamapalah (Temple of Night), Zoran Antonijevic and Christopher Ropes. Art from Erica Frevel, Fosco Culto, Chapel of Astaroth, Vladimir Vacovsky, Barry James Lent, Nurgul Jones, Paul Barton and Bryan Maita and featuring a cover by Konstantyn Kopacz of Warhead Art. Available now from Martinet Press, select online distributors and via special-order from your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Choronzon III (Amazon purchase link)


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