On behalf of the MP executive team we would like to send our salutations and best New Year’s greetings to all friends, supporters and valued collaborators.

Looking back on the past year there were several major changes in the press including significant staffing changes, with Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel taking over the editorship of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press, and MP author Jayalalita devi dasi taking over as general editor for all print titles.

Despite the understandable adjustments that staffing changes precipitate, the press was able to hit the ground running with high functionality from the beginning of the year and in the spirit of application and consistency we are pleased to announce that there were nine titles published during 2017 (one more additional title than the press output for the previous year). These included Martinet Press Audio power electronics releases The Mutilator – Churning Machine of Hate, Tangos des Todes – Drowning in the Stygian Marsh and Archon – Undead Noise. In print titles, 2017 saw the release of Neo-Aum Sermons, Bluebird, The Black Art of Vampirism, Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant, Lucifer Luciferax Compendium as well as the third installment of Choronzon.

Martinet Press premeditates a strong year in publishing for 2018 including expanding our catalog genre selection including works of verse, with full faith that strong literary output has, is and will continue to be a conduit by which the dark forces can be presenced on this earth planet in a palpable fashion. The MP executive team will be working closely with new visual artists as well in the coming year, independently and in conjunction with forthcoming print titles with a roster of strong talent that sound networking has afforded.

By way of specific releases for the coming year as well as works in progress, we premeditate that the coming year will see the release of the highly anticipated Book of Dark Mothers, works of verse by domestic and international poets, collaborations with Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, False Prophet Issue 6, authentic material on Mexican and Navajo Witchcraft and Choronzon IV amongst other titles. It has been a pleasure serving the LHP community during the year now drawing to a close and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years into the future. One step closer to hell on earth, in lockstep discipline for the furtherance of NO LIMITS EVIL.

Hellish Regards,
– MP Executive Team


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