In this book we describe a segment of the activities of the V.L.F. Laboratories, the series CHANNEL 309, the definitive step to the permanent revolution that has given birth to the Q309 Network.

Our work with the body, our techniques, our aesthetic are treated in this visual grimoire with our usual style. A revolt against the logical deterministic thinking, a negation of every discursive comunication and the use of images as the method of Ayin-ic communion.

Starting with the Work of the flesh we have recognized two ways: the first one to maintain the tradition and all his dialectical side, a sterile approach who leads only to words and speculation, the second one is the way of the destructor, the flesh of the beast, who explores the reversion of the creative process.

One aim of this current is to destroy the keeper of every traditional approach, the stupidity of a short-sighted approach. We are the revolt against the traditional world. We are gnosis and action. Lechaim 309.


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