This is a declaration of war.

This is a reclamation of the true Sinister Feminine from the idle hands of the defanged daughters.

This is the brazen claim of ownership by those feminine practitioners who have sunken deep, who have bled themselves white, who have sharpened their teeth to be more like their Mothers. This flag is stained red with blood, and it will be planted firmly upon the mountain of corpses it will take to return our heritage to it’s rightful place- in charnel houses, in deep forests, in Anticosmic, Voidal emptiness, inside our throats and hearts and cunts. Yes, our cunts. We are coming to steal back our Mothers from your altars-as-cages, to turn them loose into their suppressed virtues of violence, and to watch them eat you alive.

You who took our traditions and stripped them down to a weak, wet miscarriage of power, who sterilized your own goddesses and hollowed out your cults- this is your wake up call and your warning.

Your misplaced faith in female occult unity will not save you. This is no sisterhood, not for you. Your faith should have been in the grace of the Beast-Rider, Antichrist Mother, the chalice full of filth and the blood of God’s people, in the Diabolic, Apocalyptic Feminine. You took Her scarlet and you made it pink. You are traitors to your gender and to your own mistaken birthright of Sinister Feminine power. You neutered the cult of the Demonic Woman, you made Her small and soft, you frightened yourselves into binding the archetypes which could have shown you gnosis in the dark, and when your feral counterparts have come screaming over the hill of Megiddo at the heels of our heritage and reclaimed our bloody matriline from the desexed, puritanical impostors, you will be lined up against the wall and shot for your crimes against the cult of the Demonic Feminine.

You are no witch, you are a Christianized traitor.

You are no beast, you are a house pet.

You are no demon, you are a mortal afraid of blood.

You are no family to me, and I am not your fucking sister.

Soror Sinistre
MP Propaganda Administrative Coordinator




Published several months after the execution of Shoko Asahara and his primary accomplices by the Japanese State, the Neo-Aum Handbook delves further into the doctrines and practices of the Aum Supreme Truth-inspired Neo-Aum movement. Building on the content of his previous title, Isamu Michi gives an expansive view of the means, methods and reasoning behind the apocalyptic ideology of Neo-Aum and its ultimate aim of accelerating the wheel of samsara to bring about the doomsday foretold in the scriptures of antiquity.

NEO-AUM HANDBOOK (Amazon purchase link)



Official Call for Submissions to CHORONZON IV

The greatest taboo is to become as the Adversary… to bring the ecstasy of the dark into the mindless mass of culture in order to steer it into our preferred direction. The fourth edition of CHORONZON will focus on the undercurrents of evil that work their way towards the surface of our collective minds and permanently infect the world. This call for submissions will focus particularly on these unseen shadows that are the spiritual and creative force in this world, moving ever forward to manifest themselves in the esoteric expression of the Kali Yuga. Essays on violent cultural malformations, forbidden interests, dark and vicious art, strange narratives regarding the spirit of evil, blasphemous rituals and ceremonies to shed the last of humanity inside us. Evil in contagious; let us spread the gospel.

Send all material to be considered to the inbox of the Editor via ericafrevel@gmail.com

All submissions must be received by the first of October 2018.



In this book we describe a segment of the activities of the V.L.F. Laboratories, the series CHANNEL 309, the definitive step to the permanent revolution that has given birth to the Q309 Network.

Our work with the body, our techniques, our aesthetic are treated in this visual grimoire with our usual style. A revolt against the logical deterministic thinking, a negation of every discursive comunication and the use of images as the method of Ayin-ic communion.

Starting with the Work of the flesh we have recognized two ways: the first one to maintain the tradition and all his dialectical side, a sterile approach who leads only to words and speculation, the second one is the way of the destructor, the flesh of the beast, who explores the reversion of the creative process.

One aim of this current is to destroy the keeper of every traditional approach, the stupidity of a short-sighted approach. We are the revolt against the traditional world. We are gnosis and action. Lechaim 309.




On behalf of the MP executive team we would like to send our salutations and best New Year’s greetings to all friends, supporters and valued collaborators.

Looking back on the past year there were several major changes in the press including significant staffing changes, with Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel taking over the editorship of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press, and MP author Jayalalita devi dasi taking over as general editor for all print titles.

Despite the understandable adjustments that staffing changes precipitate, the press was able to hit the ground running with high functionality from the beginning of the year and in the spirit of application and consistency we are pleased to announce that there were nine titles published during 2017 (one more additional title than the press output for the previous year). These included Martinet Press Audio power electronics releases The Mutilator – Churning Machine of Hate, Tangos des Todes – Drowning in the Stygian Marsh and Archon – Undead Noise. In print titles, 2017 saw the release of Neo-Aum Sermons, Bluebird, The Black Art of Vampirism, Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant, Lucifer Luciferax Compendium as well as the third installment of Choronzon.

Martinet Press premeditates a strong year in publishing for 2018 including expanding our catalog genre selection including works of verse, with full faith that strong literary output has, is and will continue to be a conduit by which the dark forces can be presenced on this earth planet in a palpable fashion. The MP executive team will be working closely with new visual artists as well in the coming year, independently and in conjunction with forthcoming print titles with a roster of strong talent that sound networking has afforded.

By way of specific releases for the coming year as well as works in progress, we premeditate that the coming year will see the release of the highly anticipated Book of Dark Mothers, works of verse by domestic and international poets, collaborations with Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, False Prophet Issue 6, authentic material on Mexican and Navajo Witchcraft and Choronzon IV amongst other titles. It has been a pleasure serving the LHP community during the year now drawing to a close and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years into the future. One step closer to hell on earth, in lockstep discipline for the furtherance of NO LIMITS EVIL.

Hellish Regards,
– MP Executive Team



Choronzon is the official Journal of Martinet Press, now in its third installment and under the editorship of Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel. Featuring an interview with the Russian Satanic artist Fosco Culto, narrative by Tempel ov Blood and Aubrey Wood Basnight, articles from Danilo Coppini (L.T.J. 49), Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, Frater Teriminus, and Erica Frevel. Verse by Vamapalah (Temple of Night), Zoran Antonijevic and Christopher Ropes. Art from Erica Frevel, Fosco Culto, Chapel of Astaroth, Vladimir Vacovsky, Barry James Lent, Nurgul Jones, Paul Barton and Bryan Maita and featuring a cover by Konstantyn Kopacz of Warhead Art. Available now from Martinet Press, select online distributors and via special-order from your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Choronzon III (Amazon purchase link)