Avec la permission de L. Braun, connu de nos lecteurs pour ses travaux dans la seconde livraison de Choronzon, le journal officiel de Martinet Press, nous nous réjouissons de rendre accessible à notre lectorat francophone le Tarot Sénestre, sous forme d’e-book en PDF gratuit, tel que promulgué par l’Ordre des Neuf Angles avec les descriptions et les documents complémentaires en français.

Connu pour son approche singulièrement différente du Satanisme et incluant diverses praxis individuelles, l’Ordre des Neuf Angles est apparu dans le Shropshire, en Angleterre, et s’est fait connaître dans les années quatre-vingt et quatre-vingt-dix pour l’accent mis sur les épreuves physiques, l’adoption d’idéologies politiques hérétiques et sa promotion du sacrifice humain.

La quintessence de cette approche et du courant spirituel des Dieux Sombres, un panthéon unique émanant de l’Ordre, est englobée et illustrée par le rendu dramatique du Tarot Sénestre de Christos Beest.

Cette version française, autorisée pour une distribution exclusive sous les auspices de Martinet Press par le traducteur et compilateur, inclut à la fois les descriptions du Livre Noir de Satan II et les explications des Atouts tirées de NAOS : Un Guide Pratique de la Magie Moderne.

Tarot Sénestre – L. Braun



In the form of fifty-five concise sermons, Isamu Michi presents an overview of the practice, worldview and ideology of Neo-Aum – from the tenants guiding its loyalists to its critique of the modern world and its ultimate prophecy of a New Utopian Society based on the transcendental precepts of the Neo-Aum faith.

Designed with canonical study by the faithful in mind, it is also suitable for those interested in the field of New Religious Movements, especially those espousing millenarianism as a core concept. Now available from Martinet Press.

Neo-Aum Sermons (Amazon purchase link)



“Sri Kalki Will Slaughter The Enemies without Mercy, He Will Perform a Holy Mass Cleansing of The Earth. We Must act as Sri Kalki, and Do as He Does, For He is Who We Serve”. – Isamu Michi, Enemies of Neo-Aum Sermon

In Neo-Aum Sermons Isamu Michi, the author and founder of the Neo-Aum ideology, states in unequivocal terms that he has no compunction about inevitable (and seemingly invited, as his choice in nomenclature would indicate) comparisons between his group, worldview and ideology and that of the group who perpetrated the sarin attacks in the subways of Tokyo in a bid to preempt Armageddon. Neither does Michi claim any continuity with the original Aum Supreme Truth – nor association with groups who do possess such a continuity such as Aleph and the Circle of Rainbow Light, amongst others. Indeed, on a theological platform Michi’s postulations are his own – emphasizing a broad if novel adherence to sectarian Vaisnavism rather than the titularly Buddhist model of Asahara’s group. That said the devil, as ever, lies in the details.

Forthcoming from Martinet Press.



THE MUTILATOR project is a harsh electronic offering from a sadistic individual who has been a practicing Satanist for seven years.

THE MUTILATOR is a misanthropic sadist who places no value on the sanctity of human life.

CHURNING MACHINE OF HATE is an aural reflection of his dark spiritual practices and his own sick pleasure derived from sadistic homicidal crimes. A window into his rotten soul; intended to corrupt and influence the mind of the listener both consciously and unconsciously towards SATAN.

Forthcoming from Martinet Press Audio.



Dear Martinet Press Community,

First, on behalf of the MP executive team, we’d like to say thank you for making 2016 an excellent year for the Press. Looking back, this has been a year of expansion that exceeded our own initial ambitions. As the Press has always been a team of volunteers, we expected to release two or three titles a year, but given the support of the community, and a number of high quality manuscripts, we’ve pushed ahead. So in 2016, the Press released eight new titles. In alphabetical order, these were Choronzon II, Codex Aristarchus, Demogorgon, Liber Rudra, Quimbanda: The Cult of the Red and Black Flame, Shitty Occult Comics, The Deplorable Word, and Venom and Honey. This year also saw the release of White Night Suicide Choir, the second full-length album from Gulag.

Now, as 2017 approaches, we would like to share with you our current list of upcoming titles. Over the next several months, we expect to release such new print titles as Bluebird, Tales of the Abyss, Neo-Aum Sermons, Lera’s Torment, and Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant. We also anticipate several new audio projects, such as The Mutilator – Churning Machine of Hatred and Archon – Undead Noise.

If you are an LHP author and are seeking a publisher with shared antinomian values, or if you know someone who is seeking publication, we encourage you to get in touch with us. We are proud to continue the tradition of publishing high-quality manuscripts by devotees, for devotees. We remain staunchly anti-commercial, because we believe that the powers of darkness are best served by sharing their scriptures with the worthy, not the wealthy. Enlightenment, in whatever form, does not come through expensive grimoires – it comes through faith and practice. Period. No exceptions. And that will never change.

Wishing you a great 2017.

Yours in service,
MP Executive Team



ARCHON delivers harsh noise ambient intended and designed for the coming days of terror. Their inaugural full-length release, UNDEAD NOISE is dedicated to the cult of the Commandant and the nuclear fire which is Her hallowed emanation. Forthcoming from Martinet Press Audio with album download and unlimited free streaming available for a limited time only directly from the artist.

“The cities of Man have becomes nests for demons”.

ARCHON – UNDEAD NOISE (Download and streaming)

Visit their social media page here.



From the closed internal criticism sessions of Redwood Valley to the suicide drills held on the remote three-thousand acre installation surrounded by the treacherous rain forests of northwest Guyana, WHITE NIGHT SUICIDE CHOIR presents a tour de force into the very heart of darkness.

From the purveyors of harsh power electronics GULAG, the presiding Commissar of the Black Lodge Discipline Center will guide you into horrific, disturbing and unpleasant climes to the very zenith of revolutionary suicide protest, inhumanity almighty tearing a black rift in an already inhumane world.

Released on November 18th, 2016 on the thirty-eighth anniversary of the massacre at the Peoples Temple Agricultural/Medical Project and in commemoration of the life and times of James Warren “Jim” Jones.

GULAG – WHITE NIGHT SUICIDE CHOIR (Amazon purchase link)