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While there are an increasing number of books regarding psychic vampirism appearing in recent years, consumerate to the increase and popularity of left-hand path occult publishing, many fall far short of the mark – whether the reason be the result of being written from a markedly neophyte perspective, elements of the vampiric being only a stylistic veneer or via an attempt to tame and direct a current of predatory spirituality that at its very core quintessence not only embraces all that which is corrupt, chaotic and unbound and but amplifies it a thousand fold.

The Black Art of Vampirism possesses none of the mar of lesser volumes, neither is it a vehicle for another current that would dilute the profound amorality and transhumanism that genuine vampirism entails.

Written by the leadership of the Tempel ov the Black Vampire slowly, intentfully and meticulously over the last ten years, this book presents the means and methods of vampiric, predatory spirituality unchained. Its pages extol and are immersed in the horrific intersection where real-world criminality and otherworldly, ghastly spiritual discipline conjoin – leading the reader on a bleak descent down the treacherous paths of abomination.

THE BLACK ART OF VAMPIRISM (Amazon purchase link)




On the aftermath of the Vernal Equinox 2017 it is our pleasure to announce the relaunch of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press under the editorship and direction of the Satanic author and artist Erica Frevel. Content is now being accepted for consideration for potential inclusion in this, the third installment of Choronzon, which is scheduled for release near year’s end. Submissions can be made via email to the editor at: ericafrevel@gmail.com


From the Desk of the Editor:

Martinet Press has been instrumental in providing an accessible and uncensored platform for an international cross section of underground cultists whose work affects change not only within themselves but outwardly into temporal and spiritual planes. It is my sincere intention as acting editor of Choronzon journal to assemble a collective grimoire expressed through written word, ritual, poetry, symbolism and art. It is my sacred duty in this lifetime to serve as an artistic vessel for demonic forces of the Abyss as well as to encourage the spread of frenzied Satanic devotion.

We must weaponize our spirituality and the destabilizing manifestations thereof. I anticipate this journal will be utilized by those who perceive the dark gods through an amalgamation of many strange and bloody visions. Join me in manifesting those visions into something truly terrible; a gateway for energies hostile to this world. Our adherence to the pitch black path is highly individualistic and yet, our name is legion. Redeunt Saturnia Regna.

Erica Frevel
Editor; Choronzon Journal
March 23rd, 2017 Era Horrificus




The Abyss is one of the few constants in mythologies of the world’s cultures: a grinding, seething mass of alien darkness. Neither dead nor alive, It predates the separation of existence from nihility. Many schools of magic have considered its role cosmos as a malignant force, which must be transcended in order to achieve mastery. They are, of course, entirely wrong. The Abyss is an insidious and aggressive continuum which seeks the utter dissolution and re-integration of all cosmic life and matter.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is a profane grimoire that focuses on exclusively on the Abyss, combining art, reflection, theory, and magickal practices. This is the first of several volumes to be released by the Ministry of the Abyss, an artistic and esoteric collective dedicated to the spread and supremacy of spiritual darkness. THE DEPLORABLE WORD includes original color works by artist Erica Frevel, intended to be cut out and used as devotional iconography or altar pieces.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is itself intended to be used as a talismanic volume, connecting the Satanist to the emanations of the Abyss itself. This grimoire is not intended to empower the user – rather, it is intended to unleash something insidious and hateful that will inhabit the user and evolve them into something other than human.

The Deplorable World (Amazon purchase link)



Forthcoming in August 2016: THE DEPLORABLE WORD by Erica Frevel & Constantine Charagma. THE DEPLORABLE WORD is a profane grimoire that focuses on exclusively on the Abyss, combining art, reflection, theory, and magickal practices. This is the first of several volumes to be released by the Ministry of the Abyss, an artistic and esoteric collective dedicated to the spread and supremacy of spiritual darkness.



“The ceremony took a year and three days. For one year, a white stallion had to roam freely throughout a territory. So they had to protect the animal from thieves and robbers. Some sages say that the horse was a symbol, that it used to be a prince instead, but that is just hearsay. After the year had passed, there was the sacrifice ceremony. On the second day of the ceremony, the raj would ride in his chariot, pulled by the stallion and other horses. Then the wives of the raj would anoint the stallion with musk, on the head, the flanks, and the phallus, as if it was getting married. Some texts say that they had to massage the phallus to excite the stallion. The attendants would put up a tent, like for a wedding, and the chief queen was dressed as if for a wedding. Then the stallion was smothered with silk curtains, because you did not want to harm the horse or wound it, it has to be perfect. Then, while the stallion was still warm and erect, the queen had to fondle it and mount it, calling it her husband.”

“You are not suggested that she actually – ah – that she fucked the horse?” I asked, understandably horrified.

“Oh, she fucked the horse. She fucked the horse very good. The ritual demands it.”

I refused to believe it, of course. So he brought me inside, and pulled two books from his dusty shelves where he kept the White and Black Vedas.

“This is the Apastamba Srauta Sutra and this is Taittiriya Samhita, they are part of the Vedas. Not ‘Vedic literatures’ like those fake swamis say – these are the real Vedas from Vyasa.”

He searched for a passage and passed me the Taittiriya Samhita.

“Can you read the Sanskrit?” he asked.

At that point, I could make out a few words, but some of them were not familiar. He scanned the page, and started reading in Sanskrit, with his deep, rich voice…

Full chapter from the Martinet Press title Purushamedha by His Holiness Rudra das Goswami: Asvamedha_sample_chapter



In 2013, the Vaisnava saint Sankarsana das Thakura went into samadhi. Known as both a recluse and a genuine mahasiddhi, his gurukula remained small.

In PURUSHAMEDHA, his close disciples present a collection of teachings from his master, together with contributions from other members of the sampradaya.

Transgressive and transforming, the teachings of Sri Sankarsana are of great value for all Vaisnava today.

Available now through Amazon and special order through your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Purushamedha (Amazon purchase link)

“Most modern spiritual leaders are frauds – and with increased media and internet, we’re aware of their many, many failings. So if you worship your guru, and your guru is a fraud, this book will offend you. But sometimes offence is good. We are too sanitized, too protected, too afraid to ruffle feathers. Sankarsana used to say: see Krsna, what a little rascal! What does he do? He steals food. He kills his uncle Kamsa. He fucks pretty girls. He even fucks the pretty married girls – eh, Radha? Is Krsna worried about offending you? No, so I won’t be afraid to offend you either! Krsna is a fiend. And we need to be fiends, just like him.” – Purushamedha



CALL FOR MANUSCRIPTS: Martinet Press is pleased to announce an open call for submissions to be considered for inclusion in volume one of our forthcoming journal CHORONZON. We welcome any essays, art, photography, and ritual materials with a focus on dark spirituality, transgressive theology, and sinister devotion. CHORONZON will be in print by end of October, so interested parties should aim to submit their materials by end of September. Submissions can be done via Facebook or to martinetpress@yahoo.com