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On behalf of the MP executive team we would like to send our salutations and best New Year’s greetings to all friends, supporters and valued collaborators.

Looking back on the past year there were several major changes in the press including significant staffing changes, with Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel taking over the editorship of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press, and MP author Jayalalita devi dasi taking over as general editor for all print titles.

Despite the understandable adjustments that staffing changes precipitate, the press was able to hit the ground running with high functionality from the beginning of the year and in the spirit of application and consistency we are pleased to announce that there were nine titles published during 2017 (one more additional title than the press output for the previous year). These included Martinet Press Audio power electronics releases The Mutilator – Churning Machine of Hate, Tangos des Todes – Drowning in the Stygian Marsh and Archon – Undead Noise. In print titles, 2017 saw the release of Neo-Aum Sermons, Bluebird, The Black Art of Vampirism, Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant, Lucifer Luciferax Compendium as well as the third installment of Choronzon.

Martinet Press premeditates a strong year in publishing for 2018 including expanding our catalog genre selection including works of verse, with full faith that strong literary output has, is and will continue to be a conduit by which the dark forces can be presenced on this earth planet in a palpable fashion. The MP executive team will be working closely with new visual artists as well in the coming year, independently and in conjunction with forthcoming print titles with a roster of strong talent that sound networking has afforded.

By way of specific releases for the coming year as well as works in progress, we premeditate that the coming year will see the release of the highly anticipated Book of Dark Mothers, works of verse by domestic and international poets, collaborations with Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, False Prophet Issue 6, authentic material on Mexican and Navajo Witchcraft and Choronzon IV amongst other titles. It has been a pleasure serving the LHP community during the year now drawing to a close and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years into the future. One step closer to hell on earth, in lockstep discipline for the furtherance of NO LIMITS EVIL.

Hellish Regards,
– MP Executive Team




Choronzon is the official Journal of Martinet Press, now in its third installment and under the editorship of Satanic artist and author Erica Frevel. Featuring an interview with the Russian Satanic artist Fosco Culto, narrative by Tempel ov Blood and Aubrey Wood Basnight, articles from Danilo Coppini (L.T.J. 49), Q. 309 / V.L.F. Laboratories / Channel 309, Frater Teriminus, and Erica Frevel. Verse by Vamapalah (Temple of Night), Zoran Antonijevic and Christopher Ropes. Art from Erica Frevel, Fosco Culto, Chapel of Astaroth, Vladimir Vacovsky, Barry James Lent, Nurgul Jones, Paul Barton and Bryan Maita and featuring a cover by Konstantyn Kopacz of Warhead Art. Available now from Martinet Press, select online distributors and via special-order from your local brick-and-mortar bookseller.

Choronzon III (Amazon purchase link)



He who comes as the enemy to burn the sons of Israel
He whose dominion entombs the cold earth
He who from the North sets fire to the world
And for corruption himself hath been given the name Belial
For He is the Lord of Lawless Destruction
And the origin of the seed of corruption…” – Corruption Prayer

While there are an increasing number of books regarding psychic vampirism appearing in recent years, consumerate to the increase and popularity of left-hand path occult publishing, many fall far short of the mark – whether the reason be the result of being written from a markedly neophyte perspective, elements of the vampiric being only a stylistic veneer or via an attempt to tame and direct a current of predatory spirituality that at its very core quintessence not only embraces all that which is corrupt, chaotic and unbound and but amplifies it a thousand fold.

The Black Art of Vampirism possesses none of the mar of lesser volumes, neither is it a vehicle for another current that would dilute the profound amorality and transhumanism that genuine vampirism entails.

Written by the leadership of the Tempel ov the Black Vampire slowly, intentfully and meticulously over the last ten years, this book presents the means and methods of vampiric, predatory spirituality unchained. Its pages extol and are immersed in the horrific intersection where real-world criminality and otherworldly, ghastly spiritual discipline conjoin – leading the reader on a bleak descent down the treacherous paths of abomination.

Available this Summer from Martinet Press.



A thirteen year-old girl in a futuristic setting after a year of rigorous cult programming and systematic abuse at the hands of a brutal paramilitary organization finds herself installed as a deity representing the embodiment of chemical and radiological warfare in a disease-ridden DMZ-type border area between the paramilitary organization with whom she enlisted and the gateway to areas of unknown nuclear-war devastated territories from which she came. In the sequel to the narrative that began with IRON GATES, this volume descends deeper into the cult of the commandant – its myriad conspiracies, layered agendas and internal practices – as well as a revealing of the hitherto secret origin points of the organization and the hideous despots at its helm. Contains extreme graphic content.

BLUEBIRD (Amazon purchase link)



On the aftermath of the Vernal Equinox 2017 it is our pleasure to announce the relaunch of Choronzon, the official Journal of Martinet Press under the editorship and direction of the Satanic author and artist Erica Frevel. Content is now being accepted for consideration for potential inclusion in this, the third installment of Choronzon, which is scheduled for release near year’s end. Submissions can be made via email to the editor at:


From the Desk of the Editor:

Martinet Press has been instrumental in providing an accessible and uncensored platform for an international cross section of underground cultists whose work affects change not only within themselves but outwardly into temporal and spiritual planes. It is my sincere intention as acting editor of Choronzon journal to assemble a collective grimoire expressed through written word, ritual, poetry, symbolism and art. It is my sacred duty in this lifetime to serve as an artistic vessel for demonic forces of the Abyss as well as to encourage the spread of frenzied Satanic devotion.

We must weaponize our spirituality and the destabilizing manifestations thereof. I anticipate this journal will be utilized by those who perceive the dark gods through an amalgamation of many strange and bloody visions. Join me in manifesting those visions into something truly terrible; a gateway for energies hostile to this world. Our adherence to the pitch black path is highly individualistic and yet, our name is legion. Redeunt Saturnia Regna.

Erica Frevel
Editor; Choronzon Journal
March 23rd, 2017 Era Horrificus




A misanthropic soundtrack to the darker side of the human psyche. One conductive to a demonic consciousness.

The audio assault is a backdrop to the future desolation of humanity. The horrific realization of the outcome and endgame of human civilization deep into the Kali Yuga.




Avec la permission de L. Braun, connu de nos lecteurs pour ses travaux dans la seconde livraison de Choronzon, le journal officiel de Martinet Press, nous nous réjouissons de rendre accessible à notre lectorat francophone le Tarot Sénestre, sous forme d’e-book en PDF gratuit, tel que promulgué par l’Ordre des Neuf Angles avec les descriptions et les documents complémentaires en français.

Connu pour son approche singulièrement différente du Satanisme et incluant diverses praxis individuelles, l’Ordre des Neuf Angles est apparu dans le Shropshire, en Angleterre, et s’est fait connaître dans les années quatre-vingt et quatre-vingt-dix pour l’accent mis sur les épreuves physiques, l’adoption d’idéologies politiques hérétiques et sa promotion du sacrifice humain.

La quintessence de cette approche et du courant spirituel des Dieux Sombres, un panthéon unique émanant de l’Ordre, est englobée et illustrée par le rendu dramatique du Tarot Sénestre de Christos Beest.

Cette version française, autorisée pour une distribution exclusive sous les auspices de Martinet Press par le traducteur et compilateur, inclut à la fois les descriptions du Livre Noir de Satan II et les explications des Atouts tirées de NAOS : Un Guide Pratique de la Magie Moderne.

Tarot Sénestre – L. Braun