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Official Call for Submissions to CHORONZON IV

The greatest taboo is to become as the Adversary… to bring the ecstasy of the dark into the mindless mass of culture in order to steer it into our preferred direction. The fourth edition of CHORONZON will focus on the undercurrents of evil that work their way towards the surface of our collective minds and permanently infect the world. This call for submissions will focus particularly on these unseen shadows that are the spiritual and creative force in this world, moving ever forward to manifest themselves in the esoteric expression of the Kali Yuga. Essays on violent cultural malformations, forbidden interests, dark and vicious art, strange narratives regarding the spirit of evil, blasphemous rituals and ceremonies to shed the last of humanity inside us. Evil in contagious; let us spread the gospel.

Send all material to be considered to the inbox of the Editor via

All submissions must be received by the first of October 2018.