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To open a gate to these dimensions requires a tremendous effort on the part of the witch. For this reason, they historically bonded into covens whose collective efforts could, for a time, open a nexion into the limitless darkness and bring forth these ageless ones who would anoint them, and write their names in the books of black earth, so that their deeds would not be forgotten and they would be remembered when they called again.”

Revealing for the first time the intimate workings and rites of the founding coven of the infamous Yorkshire nexion, Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant offers serious advancements and detailings of the unique vampiric current within the Sinister Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles.

In contrast to the polemical and harsh practises and message of Codex Aristarchus, A. A. Morain and other several contributors outline the esoteric teachings of the coven; from the particular veneration of entities unique to the Drakon Covenant to the mechanics behind acausal sorcery as well as the dark and obscure lineage from which the book itself takes its name.

Within its pages readers will find the detailed threads of a dim and distant past, steeped in grim superstition and beliefs and which threads echo forth to the present, connecting the ancient shamanic past of the British Isles to the modern machinations of vampiric witches who are tirelessly working to presence very ancient powers to bring about a new era in human evolution.

Available this Summer from Martinet Press.



A curious review of Tau Constantine’s book ECCLESIA MYSTERIA has been provided to us recently by the Order of the Nine Angle’s Chretien Sauvage, editor of the THE SINISTER TRADITION. While neither Martinet Press nor Tau Constantine have any comment to proffer in regard to implied allegations of third-party collusion, given the interest within LHP circles in Gnosticism – however loosely the term may often be applied – and the “dangerous and extreme form of Satanism” as posited by the ONA – Martinet Press presents Sauvage’s full review review here, in PDF format, so that the readership might draw their own conclusions.

Chretian Sauvage reviews Martinet Press title ECCLESIA MYSTERIA: Ecclesia-review-final