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After a little over one year since publication, DEMOGORGON (2nd edition) by Valentin Scavr will disappear from circulation commencing November 1st, 2017 at the author’s request. Res Satanae and Martinet Press continue to liaison closely with every possibility of future collaborative efforts.
That said, for those who want to acquire a copy of DEMOGORGON in its second edition but have not yet done so, we encourage you to do so prior the date specified as circulation will cease via the majority of online retailers and brick and mortar booksellers on that date.
There will be a limited number of stock copies available via Martinet Press directly which will be available for individual customers beginning in late November, however for those who want surety of acquiring a copy the best option to is procure via Amazon within the next two days. All best – MP



DEMOGORGON (2nd edition) presents the path of genuine devotional Satanism from the Res Satanae tradition of Valentin Scavr. Written originally in Russian and translated into English, it is the premiere work on the spiritual quest which leads the initiate into genuine communion with the powers of Hell. This text provides instructions for rituals, devotion, and instructions necessary to undertake the year-long Black Pilgrimage. DEMOGORGON also includes sigils and devotional art, making this an effective book for altar work.

Demogorgon (Amazon purchase link)



Martinet Press is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the second edition of DEMOGORGON, the leading treatise on orthodox Devil worship by Valentin Scavr. The Russian author and theologian is the founder of the theistic Satanic congregation known as “Res Satanae.” This work includes a complete system of Satanic theology, together with rites and practices by which the devotee may dedicate themselves to Satan’s service, apprehend the Black Throne, and enter the Abyss. A work of absolute sincerity and diabolical mystery, DEMOGORGON is translated from Russian by Signifer and Nigrificor. The Martinet edition includes the original art from the first edition, and the engravings by Armoday Moro.