While there are an increasing number of books regarding psychic vampirism appearing in recent years, consumerate to the increase and popularity of left-hand path occult publishing, many fall far short of the mark – whether the reason be the result of being written from a markedly neophyte perspective, elements of the vampiric being only a stylistic veneer or via an attempt to tame and direct a current of predatory spirituality that at its very core quintessence not only embraces all that which is corrupt, chaotic and unbound and but amplifies it a thousand fold.

The Black Art of Vampirism possesses none of the mar of lesser volumes, neither is it a vehicle for another current that would dilute the profound amorality and transhumanism that genuine vampirism entails.

Written by the leadership of the Tempel ov the Black Vampire slowly, intentfully and meticulously over the last ten years, this book presents the means and methods of vampiric, predatory spirituality unchained. Its pages extol and are immersed in the horrific intersection where real-world criminality and otherworldly, ghastly spiritual discipline conjoin – leading the reader on a bleak descent down the treacherous paths of abomination.

THE BLACK ART OF VAMPIRISM (Amazon purchase link)


THE MUTILATOR project is a harsh electronic offering from a sadistic individual who has been a practicing Satanist for seven years.

THE MUTILATOR is a misanthropic sadist who places no value on the sanctity of human life.

CHURNING MACHINE OF HATE is an aural reflection of his dark spiritual practices and his own sick pleasure derived from sadistic homicidal crimes. A window into his rotten soul; intended to corrupt and influence the mind of the listener both consciously and unconsciously towards SATAN.

Forthcoming from Martinet Press Audio.



DEMOGORGON (2nd edition) presents the path of genuine devotional Satanism from the Res Satanae tradition of Valentin Scavr. Written originally in Russian and translated into English, it is the premiere work on the spiritual quest which leads the initiate into genuine communion with the powers of Hell. This text provides instructions for rituals, devotion, and instructions necessary to undertake the year-long Black Pilgrimage. DEMOGORGON also includes sigils and devotional art, making this an effective book for altar work.

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The Abyss is one of the few constants in mythologies of the world’s cultures: a grinding, seething mass of alien darkness. Neither dead nor alive, It predates the separation of existence from nihility. Many schools of magic have considered its role cosmos as a malignant force, which must be transcended in order to achieve mastery. They are, of course, entirely wrong. The Abyss is an insidious and aggressive continuum which seeks the utter dissolution and re-integration of all cosmic life and matter.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is a profane grimoire that focuses on exclusively on the Abyss, combining art, reflection, theory, and magickal practices. This is the first of several volumes to be released by the Ministry of the Abyss, an artistic and esoteric collective dedicated to the spread and supremacy of spiritual darkness. THE DEPLORABLE WORD includes original color works by artist Erica Frevel, intended to be cut out and used as devotional iconography or altar pieces.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is itself intended to be used as a talismanic volume, connecting the Satanist to the emanations of the Abyss itself. This grimoire is not intended to empower the user – rather, it is intended to unleash something insidious and hateful that will inhabit the user and evolve them into something other than human.

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LIBER RUDRA presents one of the most comprehensive volumes from Asha’Shedim and The Lilin Society to date. Information-dense and replete with extensive ritual content and practical instruction, this book provides everything necessary for the reader to embark on the anticosmic, Satanic pathways as posited by The Lilin Society. A serious must-read for those who seek to better understand the sinister spirituality of this richly syncretic tradition.

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