Lucifer Luciferax Compendium presents a sinister anthology that brings together essays concerning Goetia, mystical and magical symbolism, reports of Goetic experiences of a sexual nature, Goetic meditations, Sex Magick, Traditional Luciferianism, Demonology as well as essays and rituals about the Anti-Cosmic current according to the author’s experience and pragmatic approach.

Lucifer Luciferax is a periodic Brazilian publication deeply related to the Left Hand Path and the Via Sinistrae. Founded in 2008, it was initially conceived as a fanzine distributed freely over the Internet in digital format. In conjunction with Martinet Press, the definitive English-language edition of the collected content of this esteemed Brazilian Left-Hand Path occult Journal will be released to the public in late Autumn of this year.

About the Author

Pharzhuph (born Luciano Rodrigues Carregã; July 19, 1977) is a Brazilian occultist, Nganga, sinister magician, magic researcher, esoteric author and founder/editor of the LHP magazine Lucifer Luciferax.

For more than twenty years he has held membership in several occult, magick and spiritual orders and organizations including those aligned with the Sinister Path, Thelema, Luciferianism, Satanism, Quimbanda and Voudon Gnosticism. At present, he is deeply involved and engaged in ancient Mesopotamian mythology, Black & Sinister magick, Brazilian Quimbanda (Corrente 49 & Templo de Quimbanda Maioral Beelzebuth e Exu Pantera Negra), Sinister Qabalah, Tarot, Goetia and Sexual Witchcraft.

He had participated of The Occult Digest :: Vol I, Issue I – a journal of esoteric thought, practice, and expression, edited by Dr. Louie Martinié, released by Black Moon Press in the United States; has published a set of books related to the Sinister Path; and worked in projects involving grimoires fro antiquity, the Qabalah and Qliphoth and Quimbanda thoughts.




After a little over one year since publication, DEMOGORGON (2nd edition) by Valentin Scavr will disappear from circulation commencing November 1st, 2017 at the author’s request. Res Satanae and Martinet Press continue to liaison closely with every possibility of future collaborative efforts.
That said, for those who want to acquire a copy of DEMOGORGON in its second edition but have not yet done so, we encourage you to do so prior the date specified as circulation will cease via the majority of online retailers and brick and mortar booksellers on that date.
There will be a limited number of stock copies available via Martinet Press directly which will be available for individual customers beginning in late November, however for those who want surety of acquiring a copy the best option to is procure via Amazon within the next two days. All best – MP



Written both with the solitary practitioner in mind yet also suitable for group work, Scithain: Vampyric Witchcraft of the Drakon Covenant details, as the name would indicate, the black, chthonic witchcraft based both on historic record and astral communion with the Ascended Masters originating in the ancient Hebridean Isles – these so referenced now sending their Undead clarion call to a new generation of potential Adepts, those seeking that which is inherently transhuman and beyond.

Positing their approach to the Sinister Tradition as explicitly vampiric in nature and ontology, the core West Yorkshire-based coven of the organization of authorship and its controversial head, A.A. Morain, delves deep into not only the historic underpinnings of their unique current, instead including, as well, its ordeals, initiatory degrees, entheogenic practices, bestiaries, rites, predatory astral praxis and hitherto secretive, occult and potentially applicable knowledge of a dangerous degree encompassing multiple levels of experience, thus allowing the perspicacious readership with the maximum of will and determination to avail themselves of a transfiguration both horrific – yet godlike – albeit still horrific and fell in nature.




While there are an increasing number of books regarding psychic vampirism appearing in recent years, consumerate to the increase and popularity of left-hand path occult publishing, many fall far short of the mark – whether the reason be the result of being written from a markedly neophyte perspective, elements of the vampiric being only a stylistic veneer or via an attempt to tame and direct a current of predatory spirituality that at its very core quintessence not only embraces all that which is corrupt, chaotic and unbound and but amplifies it a thousand fold.

The Black Art of Vampirism possesses none of the mar of lesser volumes, neither is it a vehicle for another current that would dilute the profound amorality and transhumanism that genuine vampirism entails.

Written by the leadership of the Tempel ov the Black Vampire slowly, intentfully and meticulously over the last ten years, this book presents the means and methods of vampiric, predatory spirituality unchained. Its pages extol and are immersed in the horrific intersection where real-world criminality and otherworldly, ghastly spiritual discipline conjoin – leading the reader on a bleak descent down the treacherous paths of abomination.

THE BLACK ART OF VAMPIRISM (Amazon purchase link)


THE MUTILATOR project is a harsh electronic offering from a sadistic individual who has been a practicing Satanist for seven years.

THE MUTILATOR is a misanthropic sadist who places no value on the sanctity of human life.

CHURNING MACHINE OF HATE is an aural reflection of his dark spiritual practices and his own sick pleasure derived from sadistic homicidal crimes. A window into his rotten soul; intended to corrupt and influence the mind of the listener both consciously and unconsciously towards SATAN.

Forthcoming from Martinet Press Audio.



DEMOGORGON (2nd edition) presents the path of genuine devotional Satanism from the Res Satanae tradition of Valentin Scavr. Written originally in Russian and translated into English, it is the premiere work on the spiritual quest which leads the initiate into genuine communion with the powers of Hell. This text provides instructions for rituals, devotion, and instructions necessary to undertake the year-long Black Pilgrimage. DEMOGORGON also includes sigils and devotional art, making this an effective book for altar work.

Demogorgon (Amazon purchase link)



The Abyss is one of the few constants in mythologies of the world’s cultures: a grinding, seething mass of alien darkness. Neither dead nor alive, It predates the separation of existence from nihility. Many schools of magic have considered its role cosmos as a malignant force, which must be transcended in order to achieve mastery. They are, of course, entirely wrong. The Abyss is an insidious and aggressive continuum which seeks the utter dissolution and re-integration of all cosmic life and matter.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is a profane grimoire that focuses on exclusively on the Abyss, combining art, reflection, theory, and magickal practices. This is the first of several volumes to be released by the Ministry of the Abyss, an artistic and esoteric collective dedicated to the spread and supremacy of spiritual darkness. THE DEPLORABLE WORD includes original color works by artist Erica Frevel, intended to be cut out and used as devotional iconography or altar pieces.

THE DEPLORABLE WORD is itself intended to be used as a talismanic volume, connecting the Satanist to the emanations of the Abyss itself. This grimoire is not intended to empower the user – rather, it is intended to unleash something insidious and hateful that will inhabit the user and evolve them into something other than human.

The Deplorable World (Amazon purchase link)